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Rental boat

The supply of rental boats has grown in recent years in the area of Barcelona. The widespread crisis in many industrial sectors of our country has orginado conversion of many professionals in the services sector. Especially attentive to tourism as this is one of the sectors with better economic health.

Velerosbcn has over fifteen years of experience and offers boat trips along the coast of Catalonia: Barcelona and Sitges particular. From the beginning he specialized in sailing for foreign tours as a tour of the skyline of the city of Barcelona, ”‹”‹as a complement to the traditional view of the city and its attractive monuments.

But tourism is not only objective velerosbcn, opening sea of ”‹”‹the city of Barcelona in 92 to the native population opened a whole littoral which until then was impracticable. So, there are many national clients with their families or friends have approached velerosbcn to enjoy a boat trip of two or four hours or a full day with a professional skipper and enjoy an unforgettable day.

Another group that has grown enormously in the field of recreational boating is to bachelorette parties, both national groups and groups of foreigners who visit us to celebrate his farewell. For these groups it also offers an acceptable price and tailored to your budget added value as music on board, time flexibility, catering services on board.